The Directors

Robin Mewes is a Chartered Surveyor and registered Valuer. He has a BSc in Building Surveying and MSc in the Conservation of Historic Buildings.

Robin draws on 25 years experience gained in the property industry to develop ways to optimise opporunities and create value.

Robin enjoys a sunny day and has been deeply immersed in the world of solar-pv since mid 2010, forming Rooftop at the end of that year.

Please ring Robin on 01934 712826 or email.

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Robin Mewes

Vanessa manages several businesses from her home office in Theale, Somerset. The experience she has gained throughout her career working in a variety of industries has allowed her outlook to be both fresh and innovative.

Vanessa thrives on providing value in whatever she does, and sees this as a key factor in Rooftop’s success. "We are always looking to provide our clients with a bespoke package and we believe at Rooftop we do this – we get to know our clients very well."

During Vanessa’s spare time she can be found at the bottom of her garden tending her bees, she also initiates many voluntary projects within the local community.

Vanessa is a governor at her daughter’s school where she sits on the finance panel. Please ring Vanessa on 01934 712826.


Case Studies

"Working in partnership with Rooftop provided flexibility in terms of procurement options. A joint procurement and phased transfer of ownership arrangement allowed the school to accelerate its capital investment in renewable energy without attracting overhead finance costs."

Peter Knell
Business Director
Wells Cathedral School

We are extremely proud of this system which ticks every box and is the best solar-pv the directors have seen. Using both the Rooftop Turnkey Procurement Service and Rooftop Deferred Purchase model Wells Cathedral School obtained a 39.2kWp and a 9.8kWp system in double quick time and with minimal outlay. The installers were Ethical Solar.

School Case Study School Case Study

"We were twice faced with tight deadlines. We would not now be generating so much of our own electricity and reaping the maximum benefits from the Government FIT scheme without the help of Rooftop."

Richard Nancekivell,
David James & Partners.

The Rooftop Turnkey Procurement Service in association with planning consultants from David James and Partners Chartered Surveyors promptly delivered two 4kWp schemes and a 28.5kWp extension at the Wrington offices of the leading South West rural surveyors and the offices of Sustain a leading carbon reduction company. Installers were Greenleaf Innovations and Ethical Solar.

Commercial Case Study Commercial Case Study

"Rooftop’s installation of Solar Panels to reduce our communal energy costs was very efficient & they liaised every step of the process with the managing agent + H20's Directors to ensure we had the best system for our development of 80 residential flats. It was completed on time & on budget."

Mike Pollard,
Chairman of flat management company.

The pioneering Rooftop Deferred Purchase model tailored to suit a community of flat owners and the highest solar pv in Bristol. This system will be purchased over the next 5 years by the use of FIT payments and a regular monthly payment by the management company. The management company use the power to offset considerable electricty charges associated with running pumps and undercroft carpark lighting. The installers were Solar & Power SW.

Different Case Study Different Case Study

Welcome to Rooftop!

Float through the Rooftop world to learn about how to improve the environment and what green energy can do for you....

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Rooftop delivers renewable energy and energy saving measures. Our service is of greatest benefit in larger premises, particularly those with many occupants or users. Such premises require rather more thought than individual houses, so in practice we work with schools (in the public and private sector), commercial premises, farms, blocks of flats and community buildings generally.

We are not installers. Our role would most closely resemble that of the architect in conventional construction, and that level of involvement would not normally be justified in simple projects; but as soon as there is community involvement, diverse users or any complexity then engaging with Rooftop becomes cost effective. It is surprisingly difficult to deliver a project and our clients are usually too busy or inexperienced to deal with matters on their own. Rooftop will normally deliver a result that would otherwise remain only a good idea.

So if you go to work, or school, or live on a farm or in a community (and there is every chance you may do all four of those things) then Rooftop can help you achieve your goal of reducing energy use and generating some of your own.

We will tell you if a project is not likely to meet your requirements. We aim to maximise the benefit on all levels, so we will explore alternative more cost effective options if your initial idea is deferred.

If this sounds useful, we can help you.

Smart investment in green energy and energy saving

Rooftop Consulting Ltd was incorporated in 2010 to explore investment opportunities in green energy. Rooftop identifies low carbon energy projects and helps property managers and community groups realise schemes that might otherwise fall outside their resources of time and money. This will often involve direct investment, but Rooftop will transfer its stake as soon as possible so that as much benefit attaches to the building and so Rooftop can use its resources to start new projects.

Solar photovoltaic power with or without heat pump systems, solar thermal systems and heat recovery systems can only be tailored to suit the particular requirements of a building, estate and client if the building and user requirements are properly understood. Rooftop works closely with affiliated surveying practice RCMPartnership and local specialist suppliers to produce an informed and holistic report before making any specific recommendations. Simple and highly cost effective improvements are often identified which can either be dealt with alone as a quick means to save money and energy or rolled into a larger package of measures with more ambitious on site green energy production. The service is by necessity highly individual and based on a close and confidential acquaintance with the client.

Our case studies show how this works.

‘Rooftop removes hassle and reduces cost’

Which? the consumer magazine is credited with identifying that the two principle reasons deterring investment in renewable power plant are ‘hassle’ and ‘cost’. Rooftop removes hassle by managing the whole process through the Rooftop Turnkey Procurement Service and reduces cost through the use of the special Rooftop Deferred Purchase model. There may be situations where funding through the Carbon Trust is preferred. We tend to limit our direct funding options to schools and community schemes and the Carbon Trust route may apply better with some commercial clients. Either funding option can apply to any and all measures and so help cover capital cost through the use of revenue savings.

Combining finance options with energy saving measures provides a single point of contact for busy clients.

Please ring to discuss how this might work for you.

Delivering local power

To extend the scope of the Rooftop Deferred Purchase model we now offer options for wider community engagement by helping local environmental groups with Co-op funding plans linked directly to Rooftop investment at schools and community buildings in their area.